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    Pivot Quiz(No animating)


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    Pivot Quiz(No animating)

    Post  Breezy on Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:19 pm

    I got a contest! The prices are:
    1st Place: 100 Supa Points and a announcement with your name in it.
    2nd Place: 50 Supa Points
    3rd Place: 10 Supa Points

    If you don't know all the answers still make an entry. You could win anyways!
    PM the answers to me, so don't comment, otherwise other people we'll see your answers.
    Here are the questions:

    Question 1:
    Who is the maker of Pivot?

    Question 2:
    What's the biggest Pivot forum on the internet?

    Question 3:
    What's the highest rank a animator could possible reach?

    Question 4:
    Who is Skype?

    Question 6:
    Who made this animation?

    Question 7:
    Who made this animation?

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